ome may class us as a fine art photographer. We're not one for labels, but it is true that we favour a timeless approach to wedding photography.


We have always been drawn to pictures that are romantic, beautiful and full of soul.  Being truly alive is to feel things deeply, and I love photographs that reflect that philosophy.

We love to capture most of our pictures using natural light as this gives a beautifully soft look.


On the day itself, we favour an unobtrusive style. During your portraits and group shots, we can lend gentle direction that will help you to feel natural in front of the camera. For the remainder of the day, we are in the background, photographing you and your guests having the time of your lives. Throughout the day, we also capture all the little details that you have spent the time and effort to make your day unique to you, from the beautiful floral decorations, your dress before as you wait excitedly to put it on, to the little handmade touches you have spent the last 6 months (and more) putting together…

One of our FAVOURITE parts of the day is when we get to give you as a newly married couple the time and space for yourselves to soak up the magic, the emotion and actually take in what has happened so far on your special day. There is nothing forced, no crazy poses, just the two of you, in love and in the moment… on your wedding day.

It is our intention that twenty, thirty, forty years from now, when you open your wedding album, you will still feel the same thrill as you did the day you first saw your pictures. To ensure that happens, we take great care over the images. When we shoot, when we edit, when we design an album, we're am always considering how the photos will look in years to come.


Your wedding album will not be banished to the back of a cupboard, but looked at, touched, loved, a family heirloom. It will become part of the fabric of your lives, a book you revisit to remember those you have loved and possibly lost, and to remember a day when they dressed up in their finery to celebrate your love.


If you love the sound of this, get in touch and we can create some beautiful memories for you to keep forever.

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We LOVE hearing your story, from the moment you met to the day he proposed!

Tell us what your dream wedding will look like and we'll be there to capture it.

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If we are within your budget, we would love to sit with you and talk about creating something unique and amazing for you on your wedding day. 

Working with us is about more than just taking pretty pictures. We want us to get to know each other so we can really create beautiful imagery that you will want to share with your closest friends and family and future grandchildren. That starts with you telling us a little about yourself and how we can help you. Please complete the contact form below and we will be in touch shortly!

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